Say yes YES to professional development

Each employee with his or her individual potential is important for the successful future of the CHT Group. That's why we offer a range of instruments to promote talent and contribute to employees' professional development. Our employees have the opportunity to systematically advance their development in the annual employee interview. The offer is extensive and ranges from support in the workplace to seminars and customized personnel development programs.

Discover new perspectives

We promote the development of technical, methodological and social skills a variety of internal and external qualifications and training measures. We offer technical and financial support for extra-occupational training or certification measures. Our in-house training and development programs, which are offered from our own workforce, enable our employees to broaden their horizons within their own field of work. Instead of a standard development program, our employees benefit from targeted support throughout their entire careers.

Support with challenges

We ask our employees to take on new responsibilities right from the start. Anyone taking on a management role for the first time is bound to be confronted with demanding new tasks and  challenges. We support our junior managers with a wide range of training measures to get them up to speed for their new position. What's more, our career paths complement those development opportunities. We’re proud to say our specialists and managers are largely recruited from our own ranks.

International development programs

As a global brand, we want to build our cooperation on our group-wide values. Developing a seamless organization and a strong corporate culture that leads to sustained growth and success is at the heart of that endeavor. 

Managers play a decisive and formative role in achieving our goal. Together, we have a value-based leadership culture in our group of companies that sets a direction, but also leaves plenty of room for development and personal growth. With our international development programs, we have both active managers in mind as well as the next generation of potential managers.

Next Generation Leaders

Personality and competence count

We aim to provide participants with new professional as well as cultural insights that will help them throughout the course of their career. We believe in the importance of personal, interpersonal and professional skills of our employees in order to achieve the best possible results when they move into management positions in the future.

International workshops