Dr. Gerhard Brändle

I often get asked what exactly it is I do at CHT. So people can get an idea, I like to use the example of baby diapers: a product that’s used thousands of times a day all over the world, a product that’s a part of daily life for a lot of people – and yet diapers are highly complex. Because the goal is to absorb as much liquid as possible while keeping an infant’s sensitive skin nice and dry. We do that here at CHT – with our DURON products and the newest generation of what we call permanent hydrophile spin finishes, which tick all of the complex boxes that quality baby diapers need to.

Staying nice and dry

With DURON products, a water-repellent fleece becomes a water-absorbing fleece. And that in turn ensures greater safety and security in the everyday lives of babies and parents. The example of the baby diaper is just one of many – incontinence products or feminine hygiene items are also subject to ever increasing demands in terms of both wearing comfort and performance. Our products for the hygiene sector all meet the highest standards in the industry – not only those of consumers but also those of manufacturers.

Portrait Dr. Gerhard Brändle
Dr. Gerhard Brändle
Laboratory Manager Application Technology Fiber Auxiliaries & Technical Service North, Central and South America, PhD in chemistry
“YES. I keep things dry where it matters most.”

What are you responisble for at CHT?

We provide our customers with high-quality application technology solutions that help them to make their products even better. To ensure we can do that, it's my job to support my team as best I can and to provide for a good working environment. We want to drive innovation in our field together! Through my responsibility for North, Central and South America, I’m also in daily contact with my colleagues abroad. I get to know our customers abroad on business trips to those regions and support them directly on site with any concerns they might have.

What’s working at CHT all about?

It just never gets boring! In the field of fiber auxiliaries there are always new internal and external tasks and questions—that makes the working environment particularly dynamic. The cooperation is not only interdisciplinary and international, but also characterized by a high degree of cohesion and motivation.

What has your career path at CHT been?

I started out as Technical Coordinator, at the interface between development, technical service and our customers. Later I took over the laboratory management of the application technology, since 2019 I have also been responsible as technical service employee for fiber additives for North, Central and South America. Over the years I've completed a lot of internal and external training courses and was part of CHT's own management program JUMP, which I highly recommend.

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