YES. Your apprenticeship at CHT Switzerland AG

Selecting the right apprenticeship and training center that suits you best is the starting point for a successful career. Have a look at all our apprenticeship options at CHT Switzerland AG.

We’re currently providing advice and support to 16 apprentices across five exciting career tracks for a successful future together.

Commercial Apprenticeship

Say YES to your Commercial Apprenticeship (m/f/d)

In our sales, purchasing and accounting departments, Commercial Apprentices are responsible for a range of administrative tasks, for example:

  • processing customer orders from all over the world
  • reviewing invoices, transfering payments, entering and processing incoming payment information  
  • monitoring items in stock and ordering goods
  • telephoning in a variety of languages as well as writing emails and letters

We say YES to your strengths

The Commercial Apprenticeship (m/f/d) is the right fit for you if

  • you enjoy working on a computer and in a tightly-knit team
  • you like communicating and maintaining relationships with other people
  • you enjoy administrative and organizational tasks
  • you’re reliable and enjoy working independently
  • you have a talent for languages
  • you have a good high school diploma

Good to know

We offer profiles B, E and M. You’re eligible for the additional Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB). The apprenticeship lasts 3 years. During your apprenticeship you’ll attend the BZR vocational college in Altstätten.

Laboratory Assistant Apprenticeship in Textiles
Laboratory Assistant Apprenticeship in Chemistry
Logistician Apprenticeship
Information Technologist Apprenticeship in Platform Development

Get to know us up close and personal

We’re looking forward to getting to know you and giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at the dynamic and diverse apprenticeships.

Day internship/Apprenticeship teaser

Get to know the skilled trade you’re interested in learning first hand and see whether it lives up to your expectations and fits well to your skill set. Support our apprentices and employees perform their daily tasks and gain valuable insights into the skilled trade of your choice. Just send an email to the respective vocational trainer to schedule an appointment.

Careers event “Chance Industrie Rheintal” (CIR)

Every November the “Chance Industry Rheintal” organizes this careers event. Visit our booth to learn more about CHT Switzerland AG and the skilled trades you can learn here.

Dates and more information:

Eastern Switzerland Educational Exhibition (OBA)

You can also get to know us at the Eastern Switzerland Educational Exhibition (OBA), the annual career fair in St. Gallen that takes place each October. Come get to know us alongside our textile partner companies and learn more about the Laboratory Assistant Apprenticeship in Textiles and in Chemistry.

Dates and more information:

Interview coaching

If you’d like some practice before your first interview, just sign up for our year-long interview coaching program. We’ll role play a real interview with you and give you a wealth of helpful tips for how to navigate your interview successfully.

Your contacts for all apprenticeship-related questions

Interested in apprenticing at CHT Switzerland AG but still have open questions? Just let us know - we’re happy to help! 

Andrea Vetsch
Andrea Vetsch
Human Resources Manager
Trainer Commercial Apprenticeship
CHT Switzerland AG
+41 71 763 88 24
Sabrina Lang
Sabrina Lang
Trainer Laboratory Assistant Apprenticeship in Textiles
CHT Switzerland AG
+41 71 763 87 52
Thomas Lüchinger
Thomas Lüchinger
Trainer Logistician Apprenticeship
CHT Switzerland AG
+41 71 763 89 36
Peter Bossart
Peter Bossart
Trainer Information Technologist Apprenticeship in Platform Development
CHT Switzerland AG
+41 71 763 88 35