Daniel Castillo

A direct route on detours to CHT – that’s how I’d describe my path into the company. When I was looking for an interesting and suitable job possibility in the German chemical industry back in 2017, I consulted the list of members of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) to assess my options. I didn't want to just stick to the big names, as a matter of fact only a small part of the economic output in Germany’s chemical industry is generated by large corporations. At the VCI, I came across a company called CHT that had posted a very exciting job opening at their location in Switzerland: technical sales, textile dyes, intensive travel throughout Latin America with multilingualism as a must – it really seemed like a perfect fit!

Corporate values that are truly lived

Already during my first interviews at CHT Switzerland, it became clear that the company really puts an emphasis on personality. The corporate culture is also clearly pointed out throughout the application process. Right from the start, I had the impression that accommodating employees and treating them fairly is an integral part of the corporate culture. Once I started working at CHT I saw my good feeling was correct – and it’s still a part of my day-to-day lived experience working here.

Daniel Castillo
Area Sales Manager in the Textile Dyes Business Unit
"YES. We create added value for our customers."

What are your core areas of responsibility?

As an Area Sales Manager I’m responsible for customer relations and direct sales in my region within Latin America. I also provide support to our colleagues on the ground regarding technical and business issues. The know-how of our specialized departments is essential in many cases.

What keeps you motivated at CHT?

The working environment and corporate culture at CHT Switzerland really is special. The collaboration is very pleasant and often even amicable , but at the same time work is carried out in a highly professional manner, without excessive formalism. I find this constellation extremely motivating.

What’s the CHT team spirit like?

It may sound cliché, but in my view CHT is one big team. Of course we don’t work directly every single day with each of the approximately 2000 employees  – but throughout your everyday work you will experience the reliability on the support of every single CHT employee. Whether you already know each other through your immediate work environment or from previous projects doesn’t matter. All it takes is a phone call, a conversation or an inquiry, and you get the support you need: support from our specialists in other departments or at other locations, early clearance of goods in the warehouse to make an expedited transport possible, or  development and implementation of technical training — both internally and for our customers. The desire to really support and go the extra mile for each other is an integral part of our lived company culture. Many businesses were pushed forward and concluded this way. I am certain this will also be the case in the future.

What professional development opportunities have you benefited from so far at CHT?

We have a lot of opportunities for professional development here. Of course, we have chemical and application-technical training through the respective departments here in the company. But we also have the opportunity to take access external training options, depending on our department affiliation or if we take individual initiative. Courses are either offered here on site or we're able to attend them elsewhere if need be.  I went for both, internal offers and external courses I will continue my professional development and know I can count on CHT for continued support.

YES. We create added value for our customers.

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