Kai Kobras

If there’s a fire, I’m the first on the scene! With my in-service training as a firefighter and as a member of the CHT plant fire brigade, I’ve fulfilled a cherished childhood dream. Aside from that, as a qualified chemical technician, I’m also responsible for making sure that nothing goes boom, gives off smoke or catches fire when textile auxiliaries are manufactured at CHT.

What attracted you to CHT and what motivated you to stay?

A friend of mine did his apprenticeship as a chemical technician at CHT and said very positive things about it. So I decided to apply for a position myself and of course had very high expectations when I started working here. And what can I say? My expectations have been met and I’m delighted to be with CHT. I particularly appreciate it that people value each other’s work and there’s a very warm and informal working atmosphere.

Kai Kobras
Kai Kobras
Chemical technician and acting foreman in Production/Textile Auxiliaries, member of the plant fire brigade
„YES. I ensure safety across the board.“

What are your areas of responsibility at CHT?

My daily responsibilities include producing and monitoring reaction products and blended products along with assisting and filling in for the foreman or shift supervisor. I particularly like that I work both in production and in the office. This allows me to follow the individual work steps very closely and learn even more about how things are done at CHT.

What has been your professional development at CHT and what are your plans for the future?

I was initially given the opportunity to pursue a training programme as a chemical technician, which I successfully completed. Three years later, I was offered the position of acting foreman, which I have held ever since. In addition, two years after my training, I decided to join the fire prevention group, which has now become the plant fire brigade. My next goal is to become a chemical industry supervisor.

What do you particularly appreciate about CHT as a company in the chemical industry?

The fact that CHT is a very sociable place where everyone who works here feels like they belong. And if you look at how long they stay with the company, you’ll find that many employees remain loyal to CHT for their entire working lives.

YES. Being part of the plant fire brigade at CHT.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being part of the fire brigade. CHT gave me the chance to…

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