Sebastian Laux

Being able to work in the field of plastics while focusing on sustainability is an opportunity that immediately appealed to me when I saw the job advertisement. At CHT, I’m part of the global network within the plastics recycling family and have helped drive the strong growth of the Recycling Solutions division over the past few years. That definitely makes me proud!

What are your areas of responsibility at CHT?

In the global business development of Recycling Solutions, I’m responsible for things like product and interface management and providing technical support to customers on-site. My daily routine includes problem and situation analysis, consulting with the team, our customers and other CHT departments like the Customer Service Centre, Research and Development, Sales, Production and Marketing. Presenting solutions is, of course, also an important part of my job.

Sebastian Laux
Sebastian Laux
Global Business Development Engineer, Recycling Solutions department
„YES. I am making a lasting impact on the future.“

What particularly motivates you at CHT?

At CHT, there has always been a lot of freedom to shape your own professional future. Unlike in some large corporations, working at CHT also allows for a highly cross-departmental approach, which makes our daily tasks exciting and enriching. We have enormous potential for growth, especially in the field of recycling solutions and sustainability, so there’s never a dull moment.

What other training and further education courses have you completed at CHT?

When it comes to further education, CHT offers a variety of opportunities for professional and personal development. Since the start of my career at CHT in 2014, I have completed a wide range of training courses – for example, I took part in the three-year global Next Generation Leaders (NGL) programme, including a several-month stay abroad in Shanghai. Furthermore, I completed my MBA in International Management while working for the firm, including a stay in South Korea. By now, I’m responsible for Recycling Solutions and I attend the CHT management meetings.

Looking back on your job interview, what question took you by surprise?

I was caught off guard by the question ‘How do you define fun?’ – I didn’t expect that. But I can safely say that I feel comfortable among my group of colleagues and I have fun working at CHT. The pleasant working atmosphere, the team spirit, the daily international contact with a wide range of cultures, the creative freedom and the multifaceted nature of my job definitely ensure that I enjoy going to work every day!

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