YES. Gain and implement valuable insights

Directly into practice: the CHT Switzerland AG offers a range of attractive and interesting options for students in a variety of academic fields. With our international orientation and years of expertise, we're the ideal companion for students of all stripes. Do an internship with us to get to know your potential future employer or work with us as you write your final thesis.

Final theses

Write your bachelor’s and master’s thesis at CHT

Are you set to complete your studies and interested in working with an internationally renowned partner company as you write your bachelor's or master's thesis? Then the CHT Group is the perfect fit. We've been supporting students for years and would love to help you, too. We'll provide you with intensive support and access to our expertise as you implement your thesis.


Best conditions - best results

Your bachelor's thesis or master's thesis should be another successful step in your career. The CHT Group offers optimal conditions for students looking to write a successful final thesis. You'll not only benefit from our research facilities and work opportunities, but from our committed team of employees as well, who'll work closely with you to provide expert advice and support.

We say YES to your ideas

Perhaps you've already had initial ideas or focal points that you were particularly interested in exploring during your studies. If not, that's no problem: we don't expect you to have a concrete topic yet, but we are eager to hear your ideas. Together we'll develop proposals for your thesis. In principle, it is possible to write your thesis in any of our departments. All you have to do is convince us with your ideas and excitement!


Have questions? We have the answers.

We look forward to receiving your application for a thesis or internship. Have questions you'd like to ask? No problem, we're here to help!

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